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My feed be like: Game of something something, such wow, much intense, many reactions

Changing the Game with People-Centric Cybersecurity youtu.be/tl2SYiXut0M

I’ve actually seen a few of these hit customer’s inboxes this week; and because GitHub is public by default, you can see the source code + any edits
Threat actors abuse GitHub service to host a variety of phishing kits proofpoint.com/us/threat-insig

Satellite-based WiFi makes all the difference when at 35,000 feet...

Turns out, our digs in Blacksburg are pretty awesome!

Pinterest went public? Huh... didn’t think they were that popular

Hello, Racksburg! (@ Rackspace Hosting (VTCRC) in Blacksburg, VA) swarmapp.com/c/c01zVcYeDrx

Excited to check out our Blacksburg office! (@ Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport (ROA) - @flyROA@twitter.com in Roanoke, VA) swarmapp.com/c/llTUt3Q4kVx

I missed the T... Even with all its flaws, having a good subway system beats having nothing. (@ MBTA Prudential Station - @mbtaGM@twitter.com in Boston, MA) swarmapp.com/c/dauiIPkOpTI

Surprising for a lake house in the middle of kinda nowhere

How much money did TurboTax and HR Block pay for this?

House passes bill preventing IRS from offering free tax filing service twitter.com/i/events/111573847

* sees Tony Bennett is tending *
* fears worst *
* starts seeing tons of basketball tweets and congratulations *
* phew - not the Tony Bennett I thought was trending for the wrong reason *

Oh man... I've been here for a decade? Thanks for following along and for all the friendships I've made.

Rackspace Named a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality for second year in a row! blog.rackspace.com/rackspace-n

A few weeks ago I signed up for a something (I actually don't recall what it was for) but it was a one time thing.

This morning, I get this jewel in my quarantine report from Proofpoint. Now I'm trying to remember the name of the site so I can go yell at them

How Apple Card works tcrn.ch/2FxHCt1 via @TechCrunch@twitter.com // interesting article on the more technical tidbits

Looks like every city I move to rebels against Chick fil A at some point lol ht by thepointsguy.com/news/city-cou